Retail Experience

Branded Spaces

  • In-store Architecture
  • Digital Experience
  • Audiovisual Installation
  • Pop-up Stores
  • Aisle Customization
  • Proximity Marketing

Interactive Retail

  • Shopping Window
  • Dynamic POS
  • Interactive Sillhouette
  • Smart Furniture
  • Augmented reality
  • Sound Sticker
  • Môn-Roi

Communication Channels

  • Multi-format Screen
  • Projection System
  • Creative Led
  • PLV

In the evolving consumer environments, retail stores have become spaces where consumers interact and discover new and exciting products. Today’s consumers demand more enriching experiences which are meaningful and worth sharing.

Retailers must come up with immersive experiences that engage consumers and increase brand’s value. Our shopping experience aims to create innovative brand spaces and interaction activities within the retail environment. We help clients to create innovative communication solutions, developing the ideal experience for the specific client need or target.