Barcelona World Race

Barcelona / World Race / Sailing

The Challenge

Barcelona World Race international sailing competition needs to generate an event to carry out the new edition of this unique competition. The event will quote a distinguished elite of international attendees. BWR seeks to generate an experiential event that links the competition with the city of Barcelona and its culture.

The Creative Idea

The concept is about building a technological space where scenography, creativity and production seduce the attendees and takes them on a stimulating journey. This project is about developing an enveloping and vibrant system, a visual setting of 140 meters long and 4 meters high, together with a build up scenography and a sequence of projected contents. The attendees are the central part of the story and live intense experiences during the event. This sense of surprise is generated through content previously synchronized to key moments of the act.

The Result

International Awareness
Digital Engagement
Real Time content driven Experience