London / Coll&Cortes / Art

The Challenge

Coll &Cortes international gallery based in Madrid, Maastricht and London, is looking for a solution that will allow them to present and explain their most valuable art in an innovative way. Classical art galleries usually present work in a sober and traditional way. Coll &Cortes do not want to be disruptive in the sector but understands that experiences in galleries should be a customer stimulating process.

The Creative Idea

The work exhibited by Coll &Cortes not only has market value, each piece has a history, a context. The idea is based on the concept we call “contextualize”, put into context. We develop an experimental space that consisted in a light installation and broadcasting area with the purpose of visualizing all about the artistic piece: time, space, history, geography. Transforming the way we understand and visualize art in galleries.

The Result

Gallery Customer afluency increase
Innovative Art Presentation