Fiat 500

Madrid / Fiat 500 / Automobile

The Challenge

The Italian automobile company Fiat reveals the new generation of their classic 500 series.

For the launching Fiat is perusing a new communication concept that works beyond the parameters of traditional publicity, generating mass media coverage and leaving a lasting effect.

The Creative Idea

The creative concept marks a before and an after in the advertising format for theaters. We transformed the theater space into the cars interior, accomplishing the challenge of fitting 500 people in a Fiat 500.

In this project we generate an immersive experience shared by all viewers, with the latest projection technologies and software, we produce the first spot that runs both on and off the screen, making the viewers participate into the brands first Fiat 500 trip.

The Result

Innovative Commercial for cinemas
“Sol de Oro” Awards
Internactional media Coverage